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Martin Zellar has fashioned a music career firmly grounded in the quality craftsmanship of his songwriting. The magic of his songs is a combination of lyrical sincerity, inspired yet simple arrangements, and unmistakable raspy vocals. His lyrics turn the spotlight on what is remarkable in the ordinary, as noted by Robert Hilburn of the Los Angeles Times: “Writers, from Dylan to Springsteen, often tell us far more about the human condition by concentrating on life’s everyday moments. That’s the strength of Martin Zellar.”

Martin Zellar rose from the ashes of the legendary Gear Daddies, the Midwest-based country-rock team led by the singer-songwriter. The Gear Daddies formed in 1985. A rabid fan-base soon developed and the band dished out two releases on a major label, Let’s Go Scare Al (1988) and Billy’s Live Bait(1990). Critics gushed about the band’s “gutsy, country-tinged songs filled with heartland angst” as the group spawned a string of tunes about lost souls, drunken nights and unrequited love. Zellar also delivered ”Zamboni,” the now famous hockey anthem and story of boyhood innocence. The group even appeared on David Letterman. In 1992, much to the chagrin of the band’s now nationwide fan-base, the Gear Daddies amicably disbanded, leaving a mark on the Minneapolis music scene that continues to this day.

Two years after the Gear Daddies parted, Zellar found himself on another major label releasing his first solo effort, Born Under. A self-titled CD came two years later. Acclaim continued for Zellar’s gritty and honest tales as Gear Daddies fans remained faithful and his live show sparked a new generation of Martin Zellar fans.

Two years later, Zellar parted with his label and formed Owen Lee Recordings. The new business allowed the freedom to make independent career decisions, but also brought new responsibilities for the success of the label, the music, and his band. His first release on Owen Lee Recordings was The Many Moods of Martin Zellar and the Hardways (1998).

The next year Zellar and his family (wife and two boys) fled the cold winters of Minnesota for the sunshine of Austin, Texas. The move created long commutes from his home to his weekend workplace in the Midwest, and separated the family from relatives and friends. While these new challenges fueled the creation of songs that would become the 2002 release, Scattered, Zellar and his band continued their regular live performances and issued the live recording: Two Guitars, Bass & Drums. Zellar also reunited with the Gear Daddies for a one-time free outdoor show in the Twin Cities. A crowd of 20,000 fans helped the band mark the reunion.

With his solo career and independent record label flourishing, Martin Zellar continues to charm fans with his songwriting, live performances with his band The Hardways, and solo acoustic shows. His two most recent releases (2003) are “Live from the Mercury Lounge”, a live recording of a show early in Martin’s solo career, and “…they even use the hooves”, a compilation of new and previously released studio recordings from throughout his distinguished career.