Todd Green

Todd Green
Sunday, November 1- 3:00 pm
Tickets: Adults - $12, Youth - $5
Reserved Seating at the PAC
Tickets on sale now

Multi-instrumentalist Todd Green astounds audiences across the country with his diversity on over 30 unique and exotic string, flute and percussion instruments from all over the world. His custom-built electronics system allows him to layer instrument sounds as he plays and in effect turns him into a high-tech one-man-band of World Music. As fascinating to watch as to listen to, Todd intersperses his playing with entertaining explanations of the music and the instruments. His concert features original music inspired by more than a half dozen cultures in the Middle East, Asia, South America and Africa. Prepare to be amazed!

The Arts Association has also made it possible for Todd to present two workshops on Thursday, October 29 at no charge to the students or the schools; one to the entire middle school student body and another to the high school music students.